Exhibiting at The Contamination Series


CNSE is the French company who enjoys 40 years of experience in developing and producing of welfare, restroom and decontamination units, static or mobile.
With manufacturing Made In France; CNSE adapted its products to the specificities of its customers. In offering a wide selection of layout (sanitary, lockers, canteen...) as well as wide range of equipments (furniture, water, electrical facilities, autonomy...). CNSE is able to respond to all the projects. Thanks to it design office CNSE is aware of the European Regulations and also of the regulations countries specific what allows it to ensure that the products are comply with.
CNSE as develop since 2005 its decontamination range on French market working closely with the government association to defend good practising in manufacturing of DCU. Recently with the opening toward Europe, CNSE as know to adapted the DCU to the regulation countries specific.
As one of the main actors for last requirements specification of INRS (French association for the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents at work) CNSE proves that the main objective its to offer to its customer quality and safety products.
CNSE ENSURES A PERFORMING After Sales Service, which replies, advises and intervenes rapidly with skilled teams, included in environment contaminated by Asbestos.

All the CNSE team remains at your entire service to support you in all your projects! That would be our pleasure to help you defining your needs, so feel free to contact us for all your special requests! Our design office with our salesteam will take into account to study their feasibility in compliance with the current standards requirements.


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