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Environmental Decontamination Europe Ltd.

EDL provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional remediation technologies. The company`s vision is to provide a highly efficient and commercially competitive remediation solution to our global partners, contractors, commercial entities, and government organisations, while continually enhancing our mechanochemical remediation system. We strive to be a significant contributor in the environmental remediation field with a focus on sustainability, circular economic principles, and enhancing our cutting-edge Mechano-Chemical Destruction (MCD) technology to improve the global environment.
Over the last 15 years EDL has pioneered and commercialised an on-site remediation technology known as the MCD process. Continuous R&D of MCD has led to the development of a scalable, non-incineration, continuous-flow system, capable of treating contaminated matrices at an industrial scale. EDL`s experience is in utilising the MCD system to address recalcitrant environmental contamination issues, including asbestos containing cement materials and persistent organic contaminants in soil (dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, PFAS).

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