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Premier international marine environmental laboratories specialising in oil spill monitoring and environmental characterisation. Key services include the identification of oil pollution sources, testing of reservoir fluids and supporting the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves through seep investigations. Fugro`s comprehensive marine environmental services integrate consultancy with ecological surveys and laboratory analysis. Our ISO17025 accredited laboratories offer a wide range of environmental testing including the determination of hydrocarbons, metals and endocrine disrupting chemicals in biota, sediment, soil and water, as well as macrobenthic taxonomy and sediment classification. Focused on coastal, marine and estuarine environments, these services support infrastructure planning, consenting and development, environmental protection and resource management.

Oil spill consultancy services provided by Fugro include Oil Pollution Emergency Planning (OPEP; or Oil Spill Contingency Planning, OSCP), Financial Responsibility Banding Analysis (FRBA) for exploration and appraisal wells, and Major Environmental Incident (MEI) Assessment. Our specialist consultants utilise oil spill modelling data within a GIS environment to identify and assess environmental sensitivities and potential impacts for these OPEPs and OSCPs, MEI Assessment and FRBA.

Fugro are active members of OSINET, the Bonn Agreement Oil Spill Identification Network and have provided expert testimony for both government agencies and suspected polluters on international oil spill cases. Our clients include the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Irish Coast Guard, the International Tanker Owners Federation (ITOPF) and multinational energy companies.

Fugro`s laboratories also support integrated solutions for site characterisation and asset integrity.

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