The Networking Area at The Contamination Series


The Contamination Expo Series’ outstanding commitment to networking offers professionals working across the contamination sector the greatest opportunity yet to make a new and diverse range of connections.

One of the most outstanding features of the show’s networking scene is The Environment Agency Networking Area, where you can come along to learn more about the Agency’s commitment to the management of contamination.

As the principal authority in protecting and improving our environment, the Environment Agency’s responsibility to investigating and managing both contamination risk and treating affected areas makes their networking area a fascinating educational platform for visitors to learn about their responsibilities, previous work, and future commitments.

Over the course of the event’s two days, the Agency will have a number of speakers discussing EA’s work, and most will be available if you want to come and have a chat.

Visit this area to benefit from the Environment Agency’s extensive work in contamination management and their strategic overview in their risk management. Learn and discuss their historic commitment to protecting our land, water, and air from contamination, and what their future plans consist of in the fight against pollution.

Contamination Expo Networking Area Contamination Expo Networking Area Contamination Expo Networking Area