Dr Chris Evans

HBR Limited

Dr Evans is a chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years academic and industrial experience in both geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering. He is responsible for the overall technical and operational management of HBR, one of the leading design and build contaminated land remediation contractors in the UK. He has extensive expertise and detailed specialist knowledge of all aspects of physical, chemical and biological treatment techniques for soils and groundwater, having worked for some of the largest stakeholders across the UK and in Europe.

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Treatment Train Targeting of Chlorinated Solvents at a Pharmaceutical Site

Project case study where an ex-situ sequential treatment train approach was adopted for targeting chlorinated solvents on an operational pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in challenging soil conditions. The treatment train involved aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation, chemical oxidation and stabilisation/solidification, enabling the reuse of almost 100% of the excavated materials, to form a flexible development platform to support future plant expansion.